Suspected plot to stop Lynton Crosby.

Lynton Crosby is all the talk in the media today. With Boris Johnson's former right hand man now almost certain to take over at Downing Street the talk is of a plot to oust him before he had even started.

One plotter tells the Mail on Sunday that Crosby once told Johnson to "concentrate on traditional Tory voters rather than fucking Muslims."

This prompted Crosby to issue a statement last night vigorously denying it.

Crosby said "It is entirely misleading to suggest Lynton is racist in any way." "Lynton campaigned vigorously for the Muslim vote during the Mayoral Race." "He has absolutely no recollection whatsoever of making these comments."

Boris Johnson today urged the Prime Minister to stick with Mr Crosby rather than perform another u turn.

Boris' press team told tbg. "Boris wants it known that Lynton is not the ogre some make him to be."

"Lynton is the soul of kindness and sweetness and is not the reactionary caricature some have painted him to be. He is the best Campaign Manager anyone can hope for and I congratulate CCHQ on securing his services."