Oaten suggests Dorries gives up salary for jungle.

Nadine will probably take this latest piece of advice with a pinch of salt but nevertheless who's to say tbg. didn't try?

A former Lib Dem MP who was offered to go on the same television show as Nadine a few years ago has said that if she does go on I'm a Celebrity she should give all of her profits to local charities in her constituency and forfeit her salary and expenses.

Former Winchester MP Mark Oaten tells tbg. this morning that - "When I was offered the jungle the only way I felt it would work was to take no MP salary and give all the money raised to charity in the constituency."

As things stand Dorries will still receive her salary of £65,738 whilst on the reality show which amounts to £1,264 of publicly funded money for every week she stays in the jungle.

Louise Mensch last night Tweeted - "Nothing sadder than a politician or ex-politician on any of these shows."