EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious London candidate set to launch CF campaign.

In another tbg. exclusive Mahyar Tousi delivers the latest speculation in Tory youth politics and its 2013 elections.

"Sources from London have told Mahyarism that an 'old school' CF'er will soon be launching a campaign for the upcoming CF national elections. According to a London-based activist, the mysterious candidate has been absent from the CF scene for over a year, and have close links with both wings of the Party.

"With more than four months left to go to the elections, we have already been hearing rumours and confirmed news regarding potential candidates.

"So far the only official campaign launched for the CF elections in 2013 has been the Holmes|Argyle. The pair, who are running as a team for the positions of Chairman and Deputy Chairman (Political) have secured endorsements from a number of high profile figures in the Party.

"Other names such as Cooper and Holloway have also been mentioned recently for the race, which increases the number of candidates from the capital. Speaking to Mahyarism, one member of Northern CF said, 'It's not a surprise that London-centric CFers want to keep national CF in London. We need a strong voice from outside London to represent young Conservatives nationally, in order to get rid of the current elite bubble.'

"Though there are talks of different campaigns beginning the preliminary battle for the top positions of the youth wing of the Tory party, the current national executive seem to be focusing hard on their job, as they recently announced a series of upcoming events."

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