Miliband wants to regulate the Press.

Freedom & Liberty are at stake once again on our shores

Ed Miliband has come out in SUPPORT of Lord Leveson's recommendation to introduce a new Press regulatory body backed by legal legislation.

Even though Leveson admits that the press served the country "very well for the vast majority of the time", a major political row is emerging as David Cameron said he had "serious concerns and misgivings" regards to creating laws for Press standards & Press regulation underpinned by legislation passed by politicians in Parliament.

Prime Minister Cameron said - "In this House, which has been a bulwark of democracy for centuries, we should think very, very carefully before crossing this line."

"We should be wary of any legislation that has the potential to infringe free speech and the free Press."

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg want Parliament all over this one with politicians creating laws to regulate the Press.

The Labour leader endorsed the entire report claiming it was "measured, reasonable and proportionate" and said the legislation should be on the stature book by 2015.

"We on this side unequivocally endorse both the principles set out and the central recommendations."

Speaking about cross-party talks on the report Miliband said - "...These talks must be about implementing these recommendations, not whether we implement them."

"In the days and the weeks ahead, I will be seeking to convince you and this House of Commons that we should put our faith in the recommendations of Lord Justice Leveson."