Miliband donor avoids taxman.

One of Labour's leading individual donors has been evading the tax man and paying the full rate of corporation tax by basing part of his company in the off-shore haven of Gibraltar, saving up to £4.9 Million a year.

Peter Coates of bookies Bet 365 has donated the party £300,000 since 2002 including £10,000 this year alone.

Yet when jumping on one of his regular bandwagons recently Ed Miliband described tax avoidance as "a terrible thing."

And a recent leaked Labour document drafted for the party's next manifesto and seen by yours truly reads:

"Labour believes addressing tax avoidance at an individual and corporate level must be a priority."

"At home this means making it plain to the Crown Dependencies we will expect them to observe the letter and the spirit of the law."

Yet more hypocrisy.