Landslide protest vote expected in Corby.

Labour are on course for a landslide majority in the Corby By Election of between 5-10,000 depending on the turn out. That's according to a poll commissioned by Lord Ashcroft.

However, whilst he will almost certainly have to roll his sleeves up, David Cameron can take comfort from news that it is mearly a protest vote.

tbg. can reveal that the same poll also shows that while Labour lead the Conservatives by 54% to 32% the same people polled said that they still would prefer Team Cameron and Osborne to Team Miliband and Balls.

Corby is a key marginal seat that the Conservatives need to win to have a hope of remaining in power.

The Tories took the seat in 1992 by 342 votes but Labour took it back in 1997 and clung on by 1,517 in 2005 before Louise Mensch won by 1,951 in 2010.