International Aid scrutinised further by Tory MP.

After successfully pressing for an end to Aid to India, Tory MP Anne Main has uncovered what she says is another waste of public money.

It emerged that £5 Million of public cash was being spent on the Bangladeshi version of BBC Question Time with help from the BBC World Service Trust and £546,000 was set aside to fund a hotline giving information about the country's Parliament.

St Albans MP Anne Main is now calling for a fundamental overhaul of the Department for International Development.

Enfield MP Nick De Bois told tbg. this morning that he went out there to try and find good projects he thought the British taxpayer could help with - Obviously this was not one of them.

It may seem like a lot of money but looking at the big picture tbg. would probably rather have £500,000 spent on peaceful promotion of democracy rather than using hundreds of £1M cruise missiles.