International Aid questions 'raise eyebrows'.

Tory Right-Winger and former Leadership Challenger John Redwood has today revealed to tbg. that "eyebrows have being raised" from within the Overseas Aid Department recently but it's not this time about the amount of excessive money spent.

Instead it's about how it is being spent and to a certain extent probably wasted. Step forward the Conservative MP for St. Albans and fellow Eurosceptic Anne Main.

Apparently Anne has been 'very penetrating' during Questions on the subject in the House of Commons recently, so much so that it has cheesed off quite a few Ministers. However, Mr. Redwood believes that if the questioning is in the public interest and provides the taxpayer with better value for money in the long run then every question is worth its weight in gold.

We do need proper public scrutiny of all departments in government and if any more MPs like Anne Main wish to expose a potential shambolic state of affairs, then so be it.