IDS' clearest hint at EU poll.

DWP Secretary and prominent Euro-Sceptic Iain Duncan Smith yesterday gave the clearest hint yet that it is only a matter of time before Britain has a fresh say on the EU.

In an interview with former BBC Political Editor Andrew Marr the former Tory Leader had this to say:

"The Prime Minister has already said that he's not against a referendum and its just a matter of when and on what."

"He's due to make a very big speech in the near future about where he thinks a future Conservative Government and the Conservative Party should be on Europe."

"There's no question that the public opinion within the party has shifted dramatically on the European issue."

"The only thing I know is where we stand now."

"I think the sense and instinct of the Prime Minister, this Government and the party is much more in tune with the public who do not want to go down some deeper federal route with more powers."

"They want powers back."

"So what we have to figure out is how do we achieve that, what kind of question we ask and whether we ask it before or after."