Daily tracker.

Labour's lead over the Conservatives has stretched to twelve points today which is just two points off the record fourteen point lead it had in April.

Labour 44%
Conservatives 32%
Liberal Democrats 11%

Government Approval -30

Party Leader Ratings (Previous in Brackets):

David Cameron 34% (35%)
Ed Miliband 24% (24%)
Nick Clegg 5% (4%)

Preferred Government Ratings:

Majority Labour 31%
Majority Conservative 30%
Lib-Lab Coalition 13%
Lib-Con Coalition 7%

76% of people who voted Conservative in 2010 are still Conservative now.

9% have shifted to Labour, 13% have shifted to UKIP, 1% have shifted to Lib Dems and 91% of people who voted Labour in 2010 do so now.

Only 41% of people who voted Lib Dem in 2010 are still Lib Dem now. 9% of them are now Conservative and 7% are now UKIP.

Labour lead in the age 25-39 Bracket 50% - 28%. But among the age 18-24 bracket the two leading Parties are tied at 38-38.