D-Day for EU.

Its D Day in Brussels today as regards the great Budget Row.

tbg. can this morning confirm that as well as Britain, six other countries are now threatening to wield their veto.

Its intended that the meeting will only be for 72 hours but tbg. understands that it could all carry over long into the weekend.

And with rumours sweeping Brussels this morning that France is now on the brink of going bust its sure going to be a hostile and tense atmosphere.

France's credit rating was downgraded last week partly due to President Hollande's socialist approach which continues to see borrowing get out of control and the welfare budget continue to spiral out of control.

Which begs the question: Is today the beginning of the end of the EU as we all know it?

UPDATE: 5 News have just confirmed that the Catering at the venue in Brussels has been booked up to and including Saturday night.