Crosby in new Race Row.

With Members of the Conservative Party Board set to rubber stamp Lynton Crosby's return to CCHQ tomorrow a fresh Race Row has this morning rocked the Party.

It concerns Crosby's alleged treatment of Kulveer Ranger who is a Sikh, a former Conservative Party Vice Chairman and the man behind London's 'Boris Bikes'.

Mr Ranger alleges that he was sidelined by Mr Crosby during Boris Johnson's Mayoral Election Campaign after, "a disagreement over the ethnic minority vote".

Mr Ranger says that his pleas to spend more time wooing "Blacks and Asians" were rejected by Mr Crosby. It's alleged that Mr Crosby blocked Mr Ranger's plan for Mr Johnson to visit a Sikh Temple for their New Year by taking the Mayor to see the Jewish Community instead.

Mr Ranger tells tbg. - "Lynton is very good at getting the core Tory vote out but that is no longer enough for a centre right party as the US Election showed."

Its understood that, subject to Board approval, Mr Crosby will start work again at CCHQ on Monday January 7th 2013 and will be paid £20,000 a month.

Last night Lynton Crosby HQ issued this statement:

"At Lynton's instigation, Boris took part in a Muslim hustings for the first time of any mayoral campaign and met with London's most senior imams at Regent's Park Mosque among many other ethnic minority events."

"Any suggestion Lynton is racist is categorically wrong."