EXCLUSIVE: Cooper denies rumour he's quitting CF race.

Cooper refutes rumours of job offer

Conservative Future's potential 'Saviour' is rumoured tonight to be considering pulling the plug on his National Chairman bid.

The news would no doubt be welcomed by Paul Holmes who has hit the ground running since his announcement of his intention to run in the 2013 election so-to become the next leader of Conservative Future.

tbg. sources suggest Oliver Cooper maybe on the verge of accepting a new job offer as a Special Advisor which could cause a conflict of interest if he was elected National Chairman of the Tory Youth brigade.

A tbg. source who wished to remain anonymous said - "Rumours are circulating in and around the Oliver Cooper camp that he's no longer running for CF Chairman.

"He will announce the appointment in the coming weeks, once the department has cleared the appointment."

Oliver Cooper has made this exclusive statement to tbg. - "Sorry, but there's no truth in this - I'm very happy in my current job and I'm not on the verge of accepting another!"

Cooper also took the opportunity lambaste the Leveson Report by saying - "It's scary that a man so opposed to the principles of a free society as Leveson might head up our judiciary!"

So the bid may still be on after all..? Unlucky Holmesy.