Clegg: 'Absolutely no prospect of securing cut in the EU Budget'.

After attacking Labour for their opportunism yesterday Cleggers is aiming at Tory Right Wingers today.

He's accused Tory Rebels of behaving immaturely and said that "there is absolutely no prospect of securing a real terms cut in the EU Budget."

Mr Clegg later said that "the idea of opting out of the bad bits and opting into the good bits was pretty seductive" and that "a unilateral repatriation of powers" was in reality "a false promise wrapped in a union jack."

The idea of an in or out EU Referendum which is advocated by tbg. and was called for by our columnist Geoff Brooking on Wednesday in the Daily Express has won the backing of a new think tank today.

The Institute for Public Policy Research says that such a move would be decisive and should be held after the 2015 General Election so as to allow time for the eurozone crisis to be solved.