Children taken away because foster parents vote UKIP.

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It is being reported that Labour controlled Rotherham council have taken children of Eastern European decent away from a regular Foster couple because of their political beliefs and/or political party membership.

Nigel Farage has launched a huge defensive not shying away from any of UKIP's policies on multiculturalism or immigration. The Yorkshire foster parents say that they had been told UKIP was a 'racist' party.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage lambasted Labour controlled Rotherham council - "Politically, I'm not surprised at all. This is typical of the kind of bigotry we get from the Labour Party and from Labour controlled councils.

"It was the Labour government that opened the doors to uncontrolled mass immigration into this country on a scale that we have never seen in the history of the island. And then anybody who tries to discuss or debate the issue is written off as being racist."

Farage went on - "The first and most important thing is that this couple get back their status as foster parents and these children are returned as quickly as possible. Second, heads need to roll in the council at Rotherham. And thirdly, the electors can make their own mind up on this in the by-election in Rotherham."

A Labour Party spokesperson said: "Membership of UKIP should not block parents from adopting children. There needs to be an urgent investigation by Rotherham Borough Council into this decision."

Sounds like Apartheid in Britain to tbg.