Brussels goes on strike.

Tomorrow Brussels Bureaucrats will down tools and go on strike. What's it all about?

Well, our source tells us that its in protest at David Cameron's call for a freeze in the EU Budget.

No joke. They are striking because of threats from the likes of Cameron to end their automatic annual pay rises.

Cameron should be a hero.

Even Euro-sceptic Peter Bone can't believe it, he's commented to me that its "great news", will "save tax payers a fortune" and that he "hopes that it goes on for as long as possible."

Speaking of an EU Budget Freeze sources have revealed that this is exactly what David Cameron is demanding from German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a Downing Street Dinner taking place right now.

The PM is said to be in robust form but a number of Euro-sceptics including yours truly think he should be calling for a cut.

So far the German Chancellor has refused to support a freeze which for the record is already backed by Sweden, Finland and Holland.

Only Britain and Holland have said they may use the veto though. David Cameron and Downing Street have just released a statement that reads: "I believe everyone who signed a letter calling for a freeze should stick to that letter."

"I have always wanted at best a cut and at worst a freeze."

"I will be in there fighting for Europe's taxpayers and British taxpayers. We (the government) will be taking a very tough approach."

"I look forward to my conversation with Angela later tonight."

"We have always had a good, frank, open conversations and I will be making that argument with vigour."

I think he's got the message.