Boris and IDS go head-to-head over dog-track.

tbg. can reveal that there's a bit of a storm brewing between London Mayor Boris Johnson and DWP Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, and its got nothing to do with cutbacks.

tbg. can disclose this morning that Boris is giving his full backing for the re-development of Walthamstow's dog track slap bang in IDS's constituency.

IDS is far from happy and is said to be 'furious' at Boris.

IDS has apparently never been too friendly with Boris for the following reason - When IDS was struggling as Tory Leader IDS is understood to have been far from impressed at the advice he was given at the time from the then Honourable Member for Henley Upon Thames because he lacked the good old one-liners needed to combat Blair at PMQs.

tbg. is told that IDS at that time preferred listening to his other two assistants instead.

Who were they one wonders? Only David Cameron and George Osborne.