CF Xmas bash sold out.

The Tory Youth Brigade will descend on Leicester Square, London tomorrow for their annual Christmas bash in vast numbers, as the party has tonight SOLD OUT.

Conservative Future Deputy Chairman and Christmas Party organiser extraordinaire Sarah-Jane Sewell solely organised the event and is the only elected CF National Executive Member attending the bash.

Sarah-Jane Sewell exclusively told tbg. she is - "Very excited that we have sold out this year, thrilled to be sharing Christmas festivities with all our lovely CF members. There will be free drinks on arrival plus a little surprise extra! Merry Christmas everyone!

Leveson Report: Epitome of double standards.

Mahyar Tousi explores the impact of the Leveson Report for the online world.

"Lord Leveson’s report into the culture, practices and ethics of the press has started a new debate between those who support new regulations, and those who see it as a danger to free speech. However, Leveson proposing for a new regulatory body is not the only issue with the report. It is the nature of what it represents.

Lord Justice Leveson has only dedicated one page, in a 2,000 page report, to what I would call 'the internet platform'. Bloggers, Twitter users and even those who are active on Facebook have been 'warned' in the report if they are abusive, but Lord Leveson has failed to address the difference, or in this case similarity between free speech on the internet and on the paper.

Many newspapers and other publications have a website and some even use external blogs to publish the same articles. Regulating the traditional aspect of journalism will create loopholes for people to express their opinions elsewhere – online. Don’t get me wrong; I am not calling for the entire world, both the real and virtual one to be regulated. I am merely saying that the proposals are out of date.

Hugo Rifkind, columnist for The Times, said: 'Say I fall foul of some theoretical statutory press regulation and am barred from working as a journalist again. What stops me writing the same stuff on a blog or another website? Two weeks ago there was a mild scandal about a Tory campaigner in the Corby by-election scheming against windfarms, it came about because a Greenpeace activist filmed him and posted it on the Greenpeace website. Should we be regulating that? What is a newspaper anyway?'

Lord Justice Leveson’s proposals are not stupid; they’re elegant and deft, and a decade and a half ago they might even have worked. But now? What matters today is content, not the media that delivers it, and there’s frankly something quite depressing about a nine-month inquiry that fails to figure this out.

What the proposals suggest is that whilst official newspaper journalists have to be more careful not to fall into another scandal, other platforms such as Facebook users – who sometimes as a joke, offend their friends – or even some youth political blogs, that leak fake information about people, are still entitled to free speech.

In response to what the proposals represent, I would like to conclude by quoting what Nick Cohen, writer for The Spectator said: 'Freedom of the press is the freedom of all citizens to write and broadcast'."

Quote of the day.

Regarding Leveson Row & press regulation:

"They introduce laws where they can read my electronic communications, they jail people for legitimate protest and now they want their own sordid lives kept secret by hamstringing the free Press.

"Free Press and free speech and the right to protest are the foundation of a democracy. So I guess we now have 'Totalitarian Lite', as the advertisers would call it. But for how long will it be lite?"

Ron Wild - tbg. Reader.

Daily tracker.

Labour have a ten point lead over the Conservatives this morning.

Labour 42%
Conservatives 32%
Liberal Democrats 10%
UKIP 10%

Government Approval -32

EXCLUSIVE: Cooper denies rumour he's quitting CF race.

Cooper refutes rumours of job offer

Conservative Future's potential 'Saviour' is rumoured tonight to be considering pulling the plug on his National Chairman bid.

The news would no doubt be welcomed by Paul Holmes who has hit the ground running since his announcement of his intention to run in the 2013 election so-to become the next leader of Conservative Future.

tbg. sources suggest Oliver Cooper maybe on the verge of accepting a new job offer as a Special Advisor which could cause a conflict of interest if he was elected National Chairman of the Tory Youth brigade.

A tbg. source who wished to remain anonymous said - "Rumours are circulating in and around the Oliver Cooper camp that he's no longer running for CF Chairman.

"He will announce the appointment in the coming weeks, once the department has cleared the appointment."

Oliver Cooper has made this exclusive statement to tbg. - "Sorry, but there's no truth in this - I'm very happy in my current job and I'm not on the verge of accepting another!"

Cooper also took the opportunity lambaste the Leveson Report by saying - "It's scary that a man so opposed to the principles of a free society as Leveson might head up our judiciary!"

So the bid may still be on after all..? Unlucky Holmesy.

Miliband wants to regulate the Press.

Freedom & Liberty are at stake once again on our shores

Ed Miliband has come out in SUPPORT of Lord Leveson's recommendation to introduce a new Press regulatory body backed by legal legislation.

Even though Leveson admits that the press served the country "very well for the vast majority of the time", a major political row is emerging as David Cameron said he had "serious concerns and misgivings" regards to creating laws for Press standards & Press regulation underpinned by legislation passed by politicians in Parliament.

Prime Minister Cameron said - "In this House, which has been a bulwark of democracy for centuries, we should think very, very carefully before crossing this line."

"We should be wary of any legislation that has the potential to infringe free speech and the free Press."

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg want Parliament all over this one with politicians creating laws to regulate the Press.

The Labour leader endorsed the entire report claiming it was "measured, reasonable and proportionate" and said the legislation should be on the stature book by 2015.

"We on this side unequivocally endorse both the principles set out and the central recommendations."

Speaking about cross-party talks on the report Miliband said - "...These talks must be about implementing these recommendations, not whether we implement them."

"In the days and the weeks ahead, I will be seeking to convince you and this House of Commons that we should put our faith in the recommendations of Lord Justice Leveson."

Where is Gordon?

He left all the mess behind and now despite continuing to cash in he's still missing. Today tbg. can confirm is one year since former Prime Minister Gordon Brown last spoke in the House of Commons.

Surely somebody could do something about this.

In January it was reported that Gordon had managed to earn £1 million on top of his full-time MP's salary after just speaking a handful of times in the House in 2011.

Dorries takes up writing.

You would think our Nadine would have a caseload of constituency work to keep her occupied now that she's back from the jungle.

Not so apparently as Nadine is today writing for The Sun instead.

As well as giving readers a firm insight into what it was like eating lambs' testicles and being trapped with leeches and ticks, Nadine also gives her views on the Rotherham adoption debacle, has a good old moan about a lap dancing club and grotty landfill site planned for her constituency, and talks about women in Afghanistan.

Nadine is hoping to keep her local Party sweet though as she also says - "Let's keep the £58 Million a day we give Europe and spend it at home."

If those kind of soundbites don't cheer up the Mid Bedfordshire Conservative Party then nothing will.

Daily tracker.

Labour's lead over the Conservatives has stretched to twelve points today which is just two points off the record fourteen point lead it had in April.

Labour 44%
Conservatives 32%
Liberal Democrats 11%

Government Approval -30

Party Leader Ratings (Previous in Brackets):

David Cameron 34% (35%)
Ed Miliband 24% (24%)
Nick Clegg 5% (4%)

Preferred Government Ratings:

Majority Labour 31%
Majority Conservative 30%
Lib-Lab Coalition 13%
Lib-Con Coalition 7%

76% of people who voted Conservative in 2010 are still Conservative now.

9% have shifted to Labour, 13% have shifted to UKIP, 1% have shifted to Lib Dems and 91% of people who voted Labour in 2010 do so now.

Only 41% of people who voted Lib Dem in 2010 are still Lib Dem now. 9% of them are now Conservative and 7% are now UKIP.

Labour lead in the age 25-39 Bracket 50% - 28%. But among the age 18-24 bracket the two leading Parties are tied at 38-38.

Piers Morgan in hot water over phone hacking video.

Piers Morgan knew about the phone hacking of featured people for journalist stories back in 2003, or so tbg. can determine from the video above.

In a documentary aired tonight Channel 4 Piers is shown sat with Charlotte Church conversing when Piers Morgan says - "When they first came out, mobile phones, journalists found out that if the celebrity hadn’t changed their pin code... You can access, access their voicemail just by tapping in a number. Are you really telling me that journalists aren’t going to do that?"

Morgan told the Leveson Inquiry - "I do not believe that any story we published... was ever gained in an unlawful manner, nor have I ever seen anything to suggest that."

"I had no reason or knowledge to believe it was going on."

Tut tut!

86 MP's call on Cameron not to regulate the press.

Tory MP and tbg. regular Henry Smith was first off the mark at PMQs today calling for better self-regulation of the press.

He was backed by former Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox who called for better libel laws "not just for the rich and famous."

Dr Fox is among 86 MPs and Peers who have signed an open letter calling for the government NOT to regulate the press as many think the Leveson report will recommend when it is released tomorrow.

David Cameron said at PMQ's today the - "A free press is vital for a healthy democracy... To stand up to the powerful... This is vitally important."

Other signatories on the open letter include Nick De Bois, Peter Bone, Bill Cash, David Davis, Howard Flight, George Hollingbery, Peter Lilley, Karl McCartney, Mark Reckless, John Redwood, Norman Tebbit, Andrew Turner, John Wakeham, Tim Yeo and Martin Vickers.

UPDATE - The Spectator has said it will defy any regulatory legislation put upon the Press by Parliament.

Daily tracker.

Labour's lead over the Conservatives has increased to a whopping twelve points this morning and UKIP have hit their highest poll rating for November in one of the first polls taken since the Rotherham Council debacle.

Labour 43%
Conservatives 31%
Liberal Democrats 9%
UKIP 11%

Government Approval -36

The same poll finds that 4% of people think members of UKIP should not be allowed to foster kids.

36% of people think members of the BNP should not be allowed to foster kids.

Sir Cyril Smith and the missed chances.

Police have today revealed that they believe that former Liberal Democrats MP Sir Cyril Smith was a "predatory paedophile."

As revealed on tbg. as the news broke last night, the Crown Prosecution Service said that Sir Cyril would have ended up in the dock if evidence was presented today.

Yet today we know that Sir Cyril escaped prosecution despite the fact that police had compiled an 80 Page dossier of evidence in which the former Rochdale MP was accused of molesting at least eight boys.

A total of twelve men have now come forward claiming to have suffered abuse at the hands of the former MP.

In a statement released last night shortly after the Crown Prosecution Service Statement, Steve Heywood, the Assistant Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police said:

"This has been a very complex inquiry and I hope people understand why it has taken some time before we were in a position to comment publicly."

"It was very important that we examined all our records very carefully so we could be certain what involvement we had in investigating allegations against such a high profile figure."

"However, we are now in a position to say that, on three seperate occasions, files were passed to first the DPP and then the CPS containing details of abuse committed by Smith, but on each occasion no prosecution was pursued."

"Having now reviewed those decisions, we believe that if the same evidence was presented to the CPS today, there is a very realistic prospect Smith would have been charged with a number of indecent assaults, and that the case would have been brought to trial."

Gaza thanks Iran for missiles.

Billboards have appeared in Gaza thanking Iran for their help in the latest of the age-old battles against Israel. The billboards are in Hebrew, Farsi, Arabic and English.

The posters also picture the Iranian Fajr 5 rockets that were used to target Israel's two largest cities.

The billboards were not signed, but a senior official with the militant group Islamic Jihad, Khader Habib, said it was only natural to show gratitude for Iran's role in the conflict.

Holmes defends position on CF area roles.

Conservative Future Chairman candidate Paul Holmes has launched a defensive against a campaign by Regional CF Chairmen against Holmes|Argyle plans to abolish the Regional Chairman role.

In a statement on Mahyarism, Holmes rejects, but says he understands, the opposition from "someone in an existing role", later seemingly alluding to the Regional Chairmen from #SaveOurRegionChairmen as having misplaced priorities.

Holmes went on saying - "We have committed to a consultation with all members on this issue. Our manifesto commits to a dialogue not a fixed solution."

"We hope that other regional chairmen will encourage their members to speak up and not just act in their own interests."

Paul Holmes full statement is below:

"A recent article has highlighted the views from some regional chairmen. As we set out in the manifesto, we intend to have a consultation on the structure of regional and area tiers, to see whether the grassroots feel they could function better.

"It is understandable that someone in an existing role might be opposed to change but it’s surprising that the chairmen who were quoted are so against a review.

"We have committed to a consultation with all members on this issue, to ensure that Conservative Future serves them in the most transparent, democratic and effective way. Our manifesto commits to a dialogue not a fixed solution.

"We hope that other regional chairmen will encourage their members to speak up and not just act in their own interests.

"Furthermore, it is disappointing that none of them have commented on the key pledges: delivering a Conservative majority in 2015, empowering the Conservative Future grassroots or driving transparency and accountability. While we focus on working better, together, we now know where their priorities lie."

Police say Cyril Smith sexually abused boys.

Former late Lib Dem MP Sir Cyril Smith was a sex abuser of boys in the 1960's, say police.

In a statement released tonight Greater Manchester Police said the boys - "Were victims of physical and sexual abuse."

Despite not being charged in 1970 when the original allegations surfaced, the Crown Prosecution Service tonight said in a four page statement that - "Procedural changes meant a prosecution would have been pursued today."

Precedent for such re-opening of investigations after being cleared was set at the Stephen Lawrance case in 2001. Actual Double jeopardy has been permitted in England and Wales in certain circumstances since the Criminal Justice Act 2003.

A second wave of allegations about Sir Cyril Smith came in 1998 but were apparently rejected simply because the matter had already been looked into.

Tory Chairman rejects deal with UKIP.

(Photo: source)

Tory Chairman Grant Shapps has again rejected the idea of a deal with UKIP at the 2015 General Election.

Despite the view from some that the UKIP vote cost the Conservatives enough seats to get an overall majority in 2010, the Welwyn Hatfield MP, who would have beaten former Health Minister Melanie Johnson in 2005 'were it not for UKIP' remains opposed to the idea.

Shapps told tbg. this morning that - "I want to win the next election outright for the Conservatives so that we don't have to be in a coalition."

"I want to do that with Conservative candidates fighting and winning on their own ground and on their own terms."

tbg. has identified no less than 21 seats where it could be said the UKIP vote cost the Tories victory and an overall majority.

They are - Bolton West, Derby North, Derbyshire North-East, Mid Dorset and North Poole, Dudley North, Austin Mitchell's Great Grimsby, Hampstead and Kilburn, Middlesbrough South, Ed Balls' Morley and Outwood, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Plymouth Moor View,

Solihull, Somerton and Frome, Southampton Itchen, St Austell and Newquay, St Ives, Telford, Walsall North, Walsall South, Wells, and Wirral South.

Yesterday, Tory MP Michael Fabricant called for a deal with UKIP.

tbg. isn't so sure on this one just yet. It's easy to blame UKIP for vote hemorrhaging, however year upon year there are new fresh voters who reach the age of 18, probably more of those year on year than vote UKIP across the entire country.

Tories certainly will not attract those new young voters when in-fighting about whether to legalise gay marriage or not, just for example.

Do the Tories really want to associate themselves with a man (Farage) who wants to restrict the freedom of Muslim women and thinks multiculturalism is a bad thing? Or UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom who once said - "No self-respecting small businessman with a brain in the right place would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age".

However, tbg. does like Farage & UKIP's adult approach on drugs legislation. It really is a shining beacon and probably the only piece of intellectual thinking they are producing at the moment.

It's just not all about EU immigrants and Islam.

Johnson and May lock horns over student visas.

tbg. can this morning confirm that London Mayor Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Theresa May are today at war over the issue of student visas.

Boris claims that the crackdown on student visas could hit the £2.5 Billion Britain's universities earn from overseas students and has told the Home Secretary he is now backing a campaign to exclude students from the Government's target of reducing migration to 100,000 by 2015.

Mr Johnson's office told tbg. that - "In 2004, Labour basically decided the brake's off and that led to all sorts of unforseen consequences."

"Immigration wasn't properly controlled."

"There is certainly an immigration problem but you have got to make sure you target the right area."

Theresa May last night slapped down his comments, the Home Office said that it was targeting "widespread abuse" of the system.

Seems rather odd to target students when dealing with immigration. Though abuse of the student visa is real, we mustn't punish those who want to come here and expand their minds - and pay alot into our Higher Education system for the opportunity to do so.

Maybe the government are struggling to bring immigration down to its 2015 target. This is of course because only immigration outside of the EU can be tackled. Eastern European immigration cannot be halted or lessened - which is what most people mean when they say 'too many people are entering their communities' with regards to immigration.

Cyril Smith family hit back.

The family of the late former Liberal Democrat MP Sir Cyril Smith have today hit back at recent allegations in the media.

In a statement issued last night they said:

"The Smith family is deeply saddened by and concerned about the allegations made so long after Sir Cyril's death and at a time when he is no longer able to defend himself."

"The allegations are not new and for the most part appear to be a repeat of those investigated by the Lancashire Constabulary some two decades ago."

"There is conflicting speculation about why the Constabulary closed its file."

"Sir Cyril's unwavering position was that there was no case to answer and whilst his family has no intention of taking part in trial by media they will give their full cooperation to any further investigation conducted by the police and Crown Prosecution Service."

Both Greater Manchester Police and Lancashire Police have confirmed that they are looking into the abuse claims made again recently.

Former friends of the former Liberal Democrats MP have accused local MP Simon Danczuk of "political posturing" by asking for an inquiry into abuse claims.

UPDATE 18:30 - Crown Prosecution Service have just said that if the allegations brought forward in 1970 happened now they would have sought prosecution against Sir Cyril Smith.

UPDATE 20:20 - Greater Manchester Police confirm it is re-opening files on Sir Cyril Smith dating back to 1970.

Daily tracker.

Labour lead at nine points this morning but good improvement in Government Approval ratings.

Labour 43%
Conservatives 34%
Liberal Democrats 9%

Government Approval now -29

It's back to the jungle for Nadine.

tbg. can tonight reveal that Nadine Dorries will be coming face to face with new Chief Whip Sir George Young tomorrow.

The Mid Bedfordshie MP has professed her loyalty to the Conservative Party tonight but tbg. understands that her constituency Party are still far from happy.

Boris doesn't want in-or-out EU referendum.

On the day when it is revealed that no less than 3,325 Brussels Bureaucrats earn more money than David Cameron's £142,000 a year and that some also get as much as 93 days leave a year the Mayor of London sensationally declared himself AGAINST an in or out referendum.

Its a remarkable u-turn considering that he recently signed up to the 'People's Pledge' and only last week told BBC Radio 4 that - "It would be a good thing at the moment to settle the matter and ask the people."

His incredible change of heart was today criticised by Tory MP Douglas Carswell who told tbg. - "Boris is a great man but he is wrong on this!"

Scottish Tories launch new brand logo.

Scottish Conservatives have done away with Cameron's Scottish version of the Oak Tree and have launched their new Union Saltire logo.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson described the design as - "Bold, fresh and easy to recognise.

"Obviously inspired by the St Andrew’s Cross, it is distinctly Scottish but with colours which clearly reflect our pride in the United Kingdom", said Davidson".

Tory MP Stewart Jackson also praised the new Scottish Conservatives identity:

Crosby in new Race Row.

With Members of the Conservative Party Board set to rubber stamp Lynton Crosby's return to CCHQ tomorrow a fresh Race Row has this morning rocked the Party.

It concerns Crosby's alleged treatment of Kulveer Ranger who is a Sikh, a former Conservative Party Vice Chairman and the man behind London's 'Boris Bikes'.

Mr Ranger alleges that he was sidelined by Mr Crosby during Boris Johnson's Mayoral Election Campaign after, "a disagreement over the ethnic minority vote".

Mr Ranger says that his pleas to spend more time wooing "Blacks and Asians" were rejected by Mr Crosby. It's alleged that Mr Crosby blocked Mr Ranger's plan for Mr Johnson to visit a Sikh Temple for their New Year by taking the Mayor to see the Jewish Community instead.

Mr Ranger tells tbg. - "Lynton is very good at getting the core Tory vote out but that is no longer enough for a centre right party as the US Election showed."

Its understood that, subject to Board approval, Mr Crosby will start work again at CCHQ on Monday January 7th 2013 and will be paid £20,000 a month.

Last night Lynton Crosby HQ issued this statement:

"At Lynton's instigation, Boris took part in a Muslim hustings for the first time of any mayoral campaign and met with London's most senior imams at Regent's Park Mosque among many other ethnic minority events."

"Any suggestion Lynton is racist is categorically wrong."

Miliband donor avoids taxman.

One of Labour's leading individual donors has been evading the tax man and paying the full rate of corporation tax by basing part of his company in the off-shore haven of Gibraltar, saving up to £4.9 Million a year.

Peter Coates of bookies Bet 365 has donated the party £300,000 since 2002 including £10,000 this year alone.

Yet when jumping on one of his regular bandwagons recently Ed Miliband described tax avoidance as "a terrible thing."

And a recent leaked Labour document drafted for the party's next manifesto and seen by yours truly reads:

"Labour believes addressing tax avoidance at an individual and corporate level must be a priority."

"At home this means making it plain to the Crown Dependencies we will expect them to observe the letter and the spirit of the law."

Yet more hypocrisy.

Former Minister backs Cameron plan to defy Leveson.

Rumours are rife this morning that David Cameron could be set to defy Lord Leveson's forthcoming recommendations, another former heavyweight Tory is backing Cameron's stance.

Cabinet Minister David Hunt says that the press in Britain has been free since 1695 and that now is not the time to "muzzle it".

Lord Hunt tells today's Mail on Sunday "I have never been a journalist but when I was a Minister under Lady Thatcher and John Major newspapers kept me on my toes and it is precisely because of this that it would be inappropriate for politicians to legislate in order to muzzle the press."

Daily Tracker.

Labour's lead with YouGov is eleven points this morning.

Labour 44%
Conservatives 33%
Liberal Democrats 9%

Government Approval -32

EXCLUSIVE: CF Chairmen unite against Holmes|Argyle.

Parts of CF have began a #SaveOurRegionalChairmen campaign

Conservative Future (CF) 2013 election campaign has thrown it's first punch today tbg. can exclusively reveal.

CF National Chairman Candidate Paul Holmes and Deputy Candidate have proposed to "restructure" Conservative Future's Regional and Area Chair' roles and reduce the number of positions, effectively abolishing the roles altogether. A number of current Regional Chairmen have come forward to tbg. to voice their opposition.

The Holmes|Argyle manifesto states: "Beginning with the National Executive and Strategy Team we will consult on reducing the total number of positions by restructuring existing roles to ensure that all briefs continue to be represented but more effectively. There will be no changes to the National Chairman, Deputy Chairman Political or Deputy Chairman Membership roles.

"We will seek to have a consultation on the structure of Regional and Area tiers to see whether members feel they could function better. Given the number of people concerned we want to hear back from as many members as possible."

Since publication of this plan Regional Chairmen have been queuing up to offload their utter dissatisfaction with this plan.

James Morton, South East England Regional Chairman exclusively told tbg. - "I can wholeheartedly support the view that the regional structure within Conservative Future must remain.

"Those that suggest otherwise are out of touch and do not understand the realities of holding office within Conservative Future and the Conservative Party as a whole. So long as there are Regional Boards within the Party there must be Regional Chairmen within Conservative Future."

Matthew Robinson Regional College Chairman exclusively told tbg. - "I have had the opportunity to speak to a handful of Regional Chairmen colleagues, and I share their utter bemusement at why a campaign would commit to such a review without having engaged in a dialogue with the Regional College beforehand."

Full statements tbg. has received from Conservative Future Regional Chairmen from the #SaveOurRegionalChairmen campaign are viewable below.
Conservative Future Regional Chairmen statements against Holmes|Argyle plans.

Tory backbenchers shameful plan to scupper Gay marriage vote.

118 Tory MP's have voiced their concern at the decision by the Prime Minister's plans to legally recognise Gay marriage, sooner rather than later. They say they may abstain or vote against.

The Tory Party, who fundamental foundations lay-upon freedom and the belief that the State should not dictate to and shepherd its citizens now has a third of its Parliamentary Party wanting to block an equality bill on freeing marriage rights for all British Citizens.

Without a doubt David Cameron and George Osborne are right in their unwavering support for Equal/Gay marriage legislation. It is also right that religious institutions are not forced to perform ceremonies if legislation is passed (just as they are not forced to perform heterosexual Unions), the Government is putting forward equal secular marriage law.

There must be an enlightening moment for 118 Tory MP's which enables them to realise all human sexuality is indeed natural and all consenting human sexuality should be celebrated.

Anybody can fall in love and should be able to begin a consenting Union if they so wish.

Opposition from Tory benches even include openly gay MP Conor Burns. Others who have said to have vented their opposition include Cameron loyalist David Jones, Stephen Crabb, Esther McVey, James Wharton, Andrea Leadsom, Simon Burns, John Hayes, Mike Penning, and Andrew Tyrie.

Cameron stands up for the taxpayer.

As other EU Leaders drown in £120 a bottle Chateau Angleus Premier

David Cameron is quite rightly winning over public opinion this morning for his stance at the EU Summit in Brussels.

The Daily Mail applauds the Prime Minister for "trying to force the spendthrift EU elite to join the real world."

Cameron last night said that "We're not going to be tough on budgets at home just to come here and sign up to big increases in European spending."

"We need to cut unaffordable spending."

Meanwhile tbg. thinks it has found one of the reasons why the Prime Minister went awol from the summit to dine elsewhere.

Whilst European Taxpayers are facing cuts at home, European Leaders NOT including Mr Cameron were spotted downing bottles of the outrageously expensive Chateau Angleus Premier Grand Cru Wine.

Only £120 a Bottle.

No wonder the Prime Minister said - "EU Institutions simply have to adjust to the real world."

At that price even his biggest critics would have to agree.

Children taken away because foster parents vote UKIP.

(Video: Liarpoliticians)

It is being reported that Labour controlled Rotherham council have taken children of Eastern European decent away from a regular Foster couple because of their political beliefs and/or political party membership.

Nigel Farage has launched a huge defensive not shying away from any of UKIP's policies on multiculturalism or immigration. The Yorkshire foster parents say that they had been told UKIP was a 'racist' party.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage lambasted Labour controlled Rotherham council - "Politically, I'm not surprised at all. This is typical of the kind of bigotry we get from the Labour Party and from Labour controlled councils.

"It was the Labour government that opened the doors to uncontrolled mass immigration into this country on a scale that we have never seen in the history of the island. And then anybody who tries to discuss or debate the issue is written off as being racist."

Farage went on - "The first and most important thing is that this couple get back their status as foster parents and these children are returned as quickly as possible. Second, heads need to roll in the council at Rotherham. And thirdly, the electors can make their own mind up on this in the by-election in Rotherham."

A Labour Party spokesperson said: "Membership of UKIP should not block parents from adopting children. There needs to be an urgent investigation by Rotherham Borough Council into this decision."

Sounds like Apartheid in Britain to tbg.

EXCLUSIVE: Labour at war in Rochdale over Cyril Smith claims.

Despair for Labour in Rochdale?

The biggest civil war in the Labour Party has erupted in Rochdale between local MP Simon Danczuk and council leader Colin Lambert.

tbg. can today exclusively reveal that as well as Danczuk and Lambert not being on speaking terms, serious allegations are now being flouted.

Basically, Danczuk raised the case of allegations relating to former Lib Dem Cyril Smith with David Cameron at PMQs on Wednesday and it has gone down like a lead balloon with council leader Lambert.

In Rochdale the war inside the Labour Party is getting very messy. Last week Danczuk even accused the Labour Council Leader of a cover-up in respect of rumours surrounding the abuse of young children in Rochdale. All this is very soon after nine men were jailed in May for a total of 77 years for sexually exploiting five vulnerable young girls at Tasty Bites and Balti House on Market Street in Rochdale.

tbg. can confirm this morning that the claim may about to be backed up by news that yet another take away, Tariq's Pizza Plus in the Milnrow area, has been shut down by police as part of an investigation into alleged sexual exploitation of children.

Whilst the police try to do their job as each day passes, more accusations & allegations emerge and the tension between the MP and council leader grows.

Mr Danczuk's allegations of a cover-up seemed to be backed up even more on Tuesday when Cheryl Eastwood, Rochdale Council's ex Head of Children's Services, told the Home Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday that former Chief Executive Roger Ellis was also told about the grooming scandal years before it was exposed.

Whist Chairman Keith Vaz claimed Mr Ellis knew nothing, Mrs Eastwood told the committee - "He was certainly aware that there was a team and he knew there was a local issue."

Nadine wasn't given green light to go on show.

More jungle junk.

The row engulfing Nadine Dorries continues this morning after it emerged that Andrew Mitchell was kept in the dark about Nadine's true intentions.

As reported yesterday on tbg. Nadine claimed that she received permission from the then Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell to have a month away in November.

However, in a statement issued by the Mid Bedfordshire MP last night she said this:

"He (Mitchell) said that it was fine."

"I didn't tell him what for because I couldn't."

"But I did tell him what I was going to do would be quite controversial."

Nadine says she was just - "Clever with words!"

Bust up in Brussels as DC demands EU pay-cut.

Queue National Anthem.

tbg. can reveal that Prime Minister David Cameron is more than living up to his words in Brussels.

Its emerged that during a 35 minute meeting which was only originally scheduled to last 15 minutes Mr Cameron seriously upset EU President Jose Manuel Barroso.

Whilst Barroso wants EU admin' costs to rise from £45 Billion to £50 Billion Cameron threw a spanner in the works by demanding they be cut to £37 Billion.

Cameron also demanded a 10% cut in EU overall pay, an increase in the EU Retirement age from 63 to 68 and that pen pushers pensions fall from 70% of final salary to 60%.

Daily tracker.

Labour's lead over the Conservatives is up to 12 points this morning. Its their highest lead this month.

Liberal Democrats have swapped places with UKIP again.

Government Approval is also at it lowest point for November.

Labour 43%
Conservatives 31%
Liberal Democrats 10%

Government Approval -36

New BBC Director General admits Marxist roots.

(Photo: Source)

tbg. can tonight confirm that accusations of left wing bias at the BBC are unlikely to end following the appointment of Tony Hall as its new Director General.

Its emerged that Hall has been a regular contributor to the radical left wing paper Marxism Today.

Hall was also an arch enemy and critic of former Tory Prime Minister Lady Thatcher and in June 1986 wrote an article titled "Nuclear Cloud over Britain" where he supported former Labour Leader Neil Kinnock's call for the removal off all nuclear weapons of British soil at a time of tension between Ronald Reagan's US and Russia.

Dorries 'wasn't straight with Mitchell'.

Nadine has set up an office in her Australian hotel room to deal with constituency matters. However, that's far from the end of it.

It's understood that the maverick MP told the then Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell that she needed the whole of November away from Westminster and was given the green light. But what has upset David Cameron is that she failed to explain what is was all about.

Nadine lasted twelve days on I"m a Celebrity Get me out of Here in the Australian Jungle.

Shapps ups the anti in Brussels.

Tory Chairman Grant Shapps has this morning turned up the volume ahead of the crucial EU Budget negotiations in Brussels.

The Welwyn Hatfield MP, who has already upset Lib Dems by targeting their seats in 2015 has just gone on record as saying the Government "intend to at least freeze, if not cut" the amount paid to the EU.

Shapps said that any increase in contribution would be "unacceptable, particularly in these difficult times."

Don't tell Cleggers!

Home Office luxury.

Shadow Chief Secretary Rachel Reeves is kicking up a stink this morning.

'Britain's sexiest MP' is claiming that Home Office mandarins are wasting up to £5,000 a day on luxurious overseas hotels.

According to figures released by the Home Office £7,151 alone was spent on eight separate visits to the Hilton Rose in Jamaica and £1,026 was spent at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottowa.

At the same time 15,000 police officers face the axe.

Rachel last night released a statement saying - "At the same time as cutting police officers from communities across the country, it is shocking that ministers are racking up ever increasing bills at luxury resorts."

"People will rightly want to see an explanation for these extravagant stays."

D-Day for EU.

Its D Day in Brussels today as regards the great Budget Row.

tbg. can this morning confirm that as well as Britain, six other countries are now threatening to wield their veto.

Its intended that the meeting will only be for 72 hours but tbg. understands that it could all carry over long into the weekend.

And with rumours sweeping Brussels this morning that France is now on the brink of going bust its sure going to be a hostile and tense atmosphere.

France's credit rating was downgraded last week partly due to President Hollande's socialist approach which continues to see borrowing get out of control and the welfare budget continue to spiral out of control.

Which begs the question: Is today the beginning of the end of the EU as we all know it?

UPDATE: 5 News have just confirmed that the Catering at the venue in Brussels has been booked up to and including Saturday night.

Daily Tracker.

Labour's lead for today's Daily Tracker is eight points whilst UKIP have once again overtaken the Liberal Democrats.

Labour 41%
Conservatives 33%
Liberal Democrats 9%
UKIP 10%


Things got a little heated in 2010.

The NUS are demonstrating on the streets of London today against tuition fees and spending cuts. Hopefully most of the trouble makers from past Demo's are locked-up this time round.

There does seem to be some deep confusion as to what the Demo is actually all about as tbg.'s Twitter feed seems to suggest.

Conservative Future Deputy Chair' Sarah-Jane Sewell has set up an anti-Demo12 social networking page saying - "This is not just for people who don't agree with the purpose of the 'march', but also for those who also don't wish to take part in the Demo for WHAT it is."

"We don't want to disrupt London, or a repeat of Nov'2010 spending £1000's of tax payers money to clear up afterwards. We have a huge deficit and it's never going to be improved by spending more money."

Ashcroft poll shows Labour lead is 'soft'.

A new poll commissioned by Lord Ashcroft has found that Labour's lead in recent opinion polls is "soft at best."

Project Red Alert which was commissioned by the Tory peer found that 52% of people still believe Labour to be a tax and borrow party that would spend "beyond its means."

This, Lord Ashcroft claims, is why Labour support is so soft and could easily be wiped out if a General Election was called.

Lord Ashcroft tells tbg. - "These findings show how the Labour Party has changed."

"Tony Blair would never have risked losing because voters feared a Labour Government."

"Ed Miliband has a choice. He can either make clear there will be no return to the days of lavish spending or he can fight an election knowing that most voters do not believe Labour has learned its lessons?"

Daily Tracker.

YouGov give Labour a nine point lead this morning and bookies Ladbrokes now make Nadine Dorries odds on NOT to be an MP after the next election.

Labour 42%
Conservatives 33%
Liberal Democrats 10%

Government Approval -34

Basher goes bashing.

Former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis is the latest Eurosceptic to plea for an EU vote.

With two polls at the weekend both showing majority support for the move the 2005 Conservative Leadership Candidate has today warned that failing to address the issue could be a gift to UKIP.

One poll at the weekend showed that only 18% of UKIP supporters would seriously consider voting Conservative.

Davis told Andrew Marr yesterday that "We have got to, somehow, dramatically change our relationship with Europe." Even Grant Shapps said it was "critical" to get the issue right.

However, today, whilst Cameron was in sceptical form at the CBI Conference, Ed Miliband was a usual jumping on a bandwagon to score points on the issue saying Europe was good for jobs.

Is Ed for real? It's EU Buareacracy that is hurting business isn't it?

Last night Downing Street issued a statement saying that - "Various negotiation tactics are coming to the surface."

"The Prime Minister has been hitting the phones for the last few days as we continue to work constructively to find a deal on the budget cycle."

"It is simply not credible to go to Europe and say that we have made so many difficult decisions at home such as freezing benefits and people's pay and cutting budgets by up to 30% but when it comes to the European Budget we are going to see it go up and up."

Merron is still cashing in.

She may have been beaten by Tory Karl McCartney in 2010 but tbg. can today exclusively reveal that former Minister and ex Lincoln MP Gillian Merron is still cashing in.

tbg. understands that Merron is currently renting out a flat bought partly out of taxpayer funds to Shadow Transport Minister Lilian Greenwood.

Matthew Sinclair of the Taxpayers Alliance has told tbg. this morning that - "People will be dismayed to discover their cash is being used to rent out properties already bought with the help of a taxpayer subsidy."

Red Ed Miliband's brother to make comeback.

tbg. has heard on the grapevine at the CBI Conference that Ed Miliband's brother David is to make a sensational comeback.

Its rumoured that the former Foreign Secretary is to be put in charge of Labour's 2015 General Election Campaign.

Ed Balls is said to be fuming!

Daily Tracker.

ICM Poll

Labour 40%
Conservatives 32%
Liberal Democrats 13%

David Cameron 33%
Ed Miliband 25%

Second worst ICM Poll Rating for the Conservatives under Cameron.

His 33% Personal Rating for Cameron is a 5% fall in just one month.

58% want a Referendum on the EU.

Bookies William Hill disagree though and are offering 2/1 for a Referendum by 2020 and 20/1 for Britain to leave the EU by the same year.

Suspected plot to stop Lynton Crosby.

Lynton Crosby is all the talk in the media today. With Boris Johnson's former right hand man now almost certain to take over at Downing Street the talk is of a plot to oust him before he had even started.

One plotter tells the Mail on Sunday that Crosby once told Johnson to "concentrate on traditional Tory voters rather than fucking Muslims."

This prompted Crosby to issue a statement last night vigorously denying it.

Crosby said "It is entirely misleading to suggest Lynton is racist in any way." "Lynton campaigned vigorously for the Muslim vote during the Mayoral Race." "He has absolutely no recollection whatsoever of making these comments."

Boris Johnson today urged the Prime Minister to stick with Mr Crosby rather than perform another u turn.

Boris' press team told tbg. "Boris wants it known that Lynton is not the ogre some make him to be."

"Lynton is the soul of kindness and sweetness and is not the reactionary caricature some have painted him to be. He is the best Campaign Manager anyone can hope for and I congratulate CCHQ on securing his services."

EU What?

It has come to tbg.'s attention that three countries on the brink of Eurozone collapse are set to spend a fortune on probes to Mars?

That's the story that got up the backs of Tory Eurosceptics today anyway.

Whilst Britain is pouring money into the IMF; Spain, Italy and Portugal are spending a total of £338 Million on the project.

It probably won't even get there.

Daily tracker.

Sunday Times / YouGov

Labour 44%
Conservatives 33%
Liberal Democrats 9%

Government Approval -32

Prescott set to go-on'telleh?

He was the toast of Tories up and down the land on Friday after being put in his box by an unknown Tory in the Humberside PCC Elections.

Now the rumour is that Prezza is all set to make a debut on reality tv.

Bookies Ladbrokes make him 4/5 to make his debut by the end of 2013.

Don't tell his wife.

Daily Tracker.

Three opinion polls out this Sunday.

Sunday Times You Gov out shortly but here are the two already out:

Opinium for The Observer

Labour 39%
Conservatives 32%
UKIP 10%
Liberal Democrats 8%

Com Res for the Sunday Mirror

Labour 43%
Conservatives 31%
Liberal Democrats 10%

This is a record lead for Labour in any Com Res Poll.

Com Res also found that -
34% of voters would definitely vote to leave the EU.
22% would probably vote to leave the EU.
18% of UKIP supporters say they would seriously consider voting Conservative.
31% of Liberal Democrats would seriously consider voting Conservative.
24% of Lib Dems would seriously consider voting Labour.
26% of Conservatives would seriously consider voting UKIP.
18% of Conservatives would seriously consider voting for the Liberal Democrats.

Uproar as Plymouth Brethren lose charity status.

There's even more uproar this morning at the news that the one of the most highly respected centuries old religious groups who's members include yours truly are to lose their charitable status.

More than 50 MPs from all parties last week signed a motion calling on the charity regulator to "think again". They accuse the Commission of having a "politically correct" bias.

Tory MP Robert Halfon said that he - "Cannot understand why the Brethren have been singled out."

The Commission says that its because they don't do enough work in the community but this is untrue.

Lattimore Hall in St Albans works closely with helping homeless people get their lives back on track and many others provide both outreach and soup kitchens.

The matter is now set to be taken up by Dover MP Charlie Elphicke who spoke passionately about the issue in Parliament last week.

Now Greening pulls the plug on Ugandan Aid.

Justine Greening last night froze all direct aid to Uganda after putting the brakes on Aid to India this past week.

The move followed reports in the media that up to £10 Million in foreign aid was allegedly being "funneled to cronies of the Ugandan Prime Minister."

A spokesman at the Department for International Development last night told tbg. that "Britain has frozen all UK aid sent through the Ugandan Government."

"This is a result of initial evidence emerging from our ongoing forensic audit of the office of the Prime Minister, which indicates aid money may have been misused."

The news was welcomed today by St Albans MP Anne Main who has recently been at the centre of a row over so called "awkward questions" in the House of Commons.

Van Rompuy plans £5bn EU tax grab from Britain.

With some 87% of the public now opposed to more money going to Brussels there's uproar this morning at the news that the appointed EU President Herman Van Rompuy and Co are plotting another £5.6 Billion tax grab from Britain.

Leaked documents seen by tbg. and forwarded to the Daily Express detail how the EU want to increase Britain's contribution by £800 million a year for the next seven years. Such a move would slash the rebate won by Lady Thatcher in 1984.

At present the UK gets an annual rebate of £3.2 Billion but under the leaked plans this would fall to below £2.4 Billion.

Its an issue that's almost certain to pile more pressure on David Cameron from his eurosceptic back-benchers.

Corby 'bloodbath' expected at lunchtime.

The Conservative Party has lost its deposit in Manchester Central only receiving 754 votes which was only 5 more than UKIP on 749. And now tbg. has been informed this morning that the Tories in Corby are expecting a "bloodbath" of a hammering in Corby when the result is declared at lunchtime.

One source says that it could even be on the same scale to Labour losing the Crewe by-election to Edward Timpson under the last government.

With turn out now confirmed at 44.8% tbg. is expecting a Labour majority of between 8-10,000.

UKIP also seem chipper today, there's is chatter among their ranks of beating the Tories in Corby into 3rd place. Time will tell.

UPDATE: Labour gain Corby from the Conservatives with a majority of 7,786.

French set to use EU veto over farm subsidies.

tbg. can reveal that as well as David Cameron threatening to use his veto the French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault is threatening to use his veto too.

Ayrault is unhappy at plans to slash French farm subsidies and rather than risk chaos up and down his land he's been quoted as saying that - "This proposal in no way constitutes a basis for negotiation that is acceptable for France."

David Cameron has already upset President Hollande by saying that he would "roll out the red carpet" to welcome entrepreneurs escaping Hollande's wealth tax.

Daily tracker.

Labour's lead is back up to ten points this morning whilst UKIP take over the Lib Dems.

Labour 43%
Conservatives 33%
Liberal Democrats 8%

Government Approval -33

Ipsos Mori

Labour 46%
Conservatives 32%
Liberal Democrats 8%

Government Approval -31

Leader Ratings:
Ed Miliband -3
David Cameron -14
Nick Clegg -33

77% of voters oppose giving extra cash to the EU in Brussels.

46% support David Cameron's call for a real terms 'freeze' in the Budget whilst 31% want a cut.

48% would vote to leave the EU if offered an in or out referendum whilst 44% would stay in.

EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious London candidate set to launch CF campaign.

In another tbg. exclusive Mahyar Tousi delivers the latest speculation in Tory youth politics and its 2013 elections.

"Sources from London have told Mahyarism that an 'old school' CF'er will soon be launching a campaign for the upcoming CF national elections. According to a London-based activist, the mysterious candidate has been absent from the CF scene for over a year, and have close links with both wings of the Party.

"With more than four months left to go to the elections, we have already been hearing rumours and confirmed news regarding potential candidates.

"So far the only official campaign launched for the CF elections in 2013 has been the Holmes|Argyle. The pair, who are running as a team for the positions of Chairman and Deputy Chairman (Political) have secured endorsements from a number of high profile figures in the Party.

"Other names such as Cooper and Holloway have also been mentioned recently for the race, which increases the number of candidates from the capital. Speaking to Mahyarism, one member of Northern CF said, 'It's not a surprise that London-centric CFers want to keep national CF in London. We need a strong voice from outside London to represent young Conservatives nationally, in order to get rid of the current elite bubble.'

"Though there are talks of different campaigns beginning the preliminary battle for the top positions of the youth wing of the Tory party, the current national executive seem to be focusing hard on their job, as they recently announced a series of upcoming events."

Visit Mahyarism - A New Tory Ideology.

Landslide protest vote expected in Corby.

Labour are on course for a landslide majority in the Corby By Election of between 5-10,000 depending on the turn out. That's according to a poll commissioned by Lord Ashcroft.

However, whilst he will almost certainly have to roll his sleeves up, David Cameron can take comfort from news that it is mearly a protest vote.

tbg. can reveal that the same poll also shows that while Labour lead the Conservatives by 54% to 32% the same people polled said that they still would prefer Team Cameron and Osborne to Team Miliband and Balls.

Corby is a key marginal seat that the Conservatives need to win to have a hope of remaining in power.

The Tories took the seat in 1992 by 342 votes but Labour took it back in 1997 and clung on by 1,517 in 2005 before Louise Mensch won by 1,951 in 2010.

University of Manchester Student Union backdown from bias funding plans.

Activities & Development Officer Tommy Fish has issued an apology today to Manchester Universality students after emailing Student Union (SU) Society boards with information on changes to way SU Societies were to be funded.

The SU was demanding the 10 members bought tickets for the forthcoming Left-Wing Demo 2012 in order to be eligible to receive funding, then streamlined on the basis of how highly regarded you are by the SU's board.

There was uproar yesterday from Uni' of Manchester Liberty League and North-West Conservative Future. North-West CF Chairman Rob Manning told tbg. - "Rest assured we're going to fight this tooth and nail!".

Manchester Student Union was today forced in to making a statement of retraction and apologies.

"An official apology has been issued from the Students’ Union today following an email to societies from Activities and Development Officer Tommy Fish, which stated that achieving silver or gold society status would be contingent on sending society members to Demo 2012."

Tommy Fish today issued this apology - "Today, I am making a sincere and unreserved apology for sending that email.

"Its not the case that you need to send 10 of your society members to the demo, or any other specific event, in order to achieve merit for your society."

"I am currently working on the criteria for society awards and I am keen to hear from any societies or students that have thoughts on what should, or shouldn't be included in this.

"I am proud to be your elected representative and work on behalf of students. I hope this apology demonstrates that the email was merely a written error, and I am absolutely dedicated to listening to what students want and I will do whatever I can to make it happen. The same still applies- pop in with any suggestions whenever".


Daily tracker.

It's election day if you didn't know. Please all vote to elect your Police & Crime Commissioner. Whichever party or person, just vote.

Labour lead by seven points in today's You Gov Poll.

Labour 42%
Conservatives 35%
Liberal Democrats 8%

Government Approval -33

Tory MP attacked by violent mob at Sussex University.

Mike Weatherley, MP for Hove in East Sussex has been attacked today by 'violent thugs' at a debate he planned to attend at the University of Sussex on the criminalisation of squatting.

The 'Rock the House' Tory MP said that as soon as he walked into the lecture theatre someone tried to punch him and he had to seek refuge in a room as shouting protesters gathered outside.

Weatherly said that - "before the debate was to start, a large mob of non-students surrounded him and threatened him".

"It's absolutely outrageous that a peaceful event such as this should be hijacked by a group of violent thugs.

"The event was immediately abandoned, but as we tried to leave, rocks were hurled, and two female members of my staff were injured. My staff and I were barricaded into a room, until the police arrived."

The criminalisation of squatting has come into affect this week.

The anarchistic Loony-Left strikes again.

Manchester University Union rig its societies funding.

The University of Manchester Liberty League today flagged it's Union as preparing to install new funding rules for its societies on campus which will serve the Unions own ends.

The Manchester University Union website shows that it currently splits up societies into three categories, bronze, silver and gold. The website states - "Awards are given for a variety of reasons, including meeting safety standards, running exciting events and collaborating with other societies. All societies start off at Bronze level, and have to get silver first before going for gold."

Bronze groups receive £300, Silver £600 and Gold up-to £1000 in funding from the Union.

An activist at the University of Manchester Liberty League says - "The way the Union used to fund societies was in proportion to the number of members each had.

"Now numbers no longer count and how much your society gets depends entirely on your 'status'. Your 'status' is decided by the Union mainly by how much you do for them."

The Liberty League activist received an email from Manchester University Union that says - "In order to be sure of a gold/silver award societies need to send at least 10 of their members to buy tickets to Demo 2012 next week."

It seems as if the Union is closing ranks on the Left and clearly drawing dividing lines between societies of 'them and us'. So from now on it seems those societies "ideologically opposed to the demo and/or the Union in general won't have access to better funding/room hire opportunities etc, regardless of their size or popularity."

Follow Up - University of Manchester Student Union Backdown From Bias Funding Plans.

EXPOSED: Top Tory admits wind farm 'conspiracy' comments.

Former East Midlands Euro MP and Corby Campaign Manager Chris Heaton-Harris is in steaming hot water and has apparently this morning admitted some allegations being made against him but denied a 'secret plan' saying he was just bragging.

On the eve of what's expected to be the Tories biggest by election drubbing for sixteen years he's been accused of conspiring with a political opponent.

The Daventry MP was filmed claiming he was helping anti-wind farm campaigner James Delingpole to join the race in Corby.

Mr Heaton-Harris told a Greenpeace activist that he wanted to get the issue of wind farms higher up the political agenda, so had provided Mr Delingpole with 'a handful of people who will sort him out'.

Undercover footage posted on tbg. last night shows Mr Heaton-Harris saying - "Please don't tell anybody ever!"

Mr Delingpole subsequently decided not to contest the election whilst Mr Heaton-Harris denied betraying his party telling reporters in Corby last night that - "I would never betray a party I have been a member of for 25 years."

tbg. supposes you can draw your own conclusions in this murky scandal. However, tbg. is pro renewable energy and pro wind-farms - they are not eyesores and look marvelous, they look like the future, a clean future.

The U.K. should be leading the way in the new industries of the 21st century as it did in the 18th & 19th. Eventually creating a carbon-free economy with clean energy which isn't just good for our planetary environment, the economy and energy supply independence, but also our health and our pockets.

tbg. would like to know if all new homes have a solar roof to produce heating/hot water for the property?

UPDATE: Heaton-Harris has released this statement - "The quotes attributed to me range from factually correct statements to me bragging about things beyond my control, which has so often before been the failing of politicians.

"The implication that I choreographed any sort of ‘secret plan’ is simply not the case and I apologise if that is the impression given.

"It can hardly be said that my wanting to 'put this on the agenda' is new. I have spent years fighting on-shore wind, getting over 100 MPs to sign a letter to the Prime Minister, securing debates and raising questions in Parliament and touring the country speaking to anti-wind groups."

"It is a subject I am passionate about and will continue to work on until communities across my constituency, Northamptonshire and the country have the protection they deserve.".