TPA find £113M of taxpayer money that's funding unions.

The Tax Payers Alliance (TPA) have today revealed the extent of taxpayer funds being given to trade unions in both national and local government.

The TPA reports that taxpayers have funded unions by a massive £113 million. A thumping £92 million was in paid staff (facility) time plus £21 million in direct payments in 2011-12.

The report also finds that 3,041 full-time public sector staff worked on trade union activities or duties at taxpayers’ expense in the last year.

The TPA say that quangos with the highest number of staff working for trade unions were the Scottish Prison Service with 34 full-time equivalent staff, Transport for London also with 34 full-time staff and Remploy with 30 full-time staff.

The TPA said - "In response to a parliamentary question, the Government has released an estimate that facility time is equivalent to 0.14 per cent of the total annual pay bill in the public sector, against 0.04 per cent in the private sector. 0.14 per cent of the public sector pay bill was around £240 million in 2011-12.

If the number of public sector staff found in this research to be working for the trade unions in 2011-12 were reduced in line with that estimate of the difference between the public and private sectors, 2,172 full-time equivalent public sector staff could return to work."

Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson has spoken out against public funds going to trade union campaigners at Peterborough County Council who actively support the Labour Party.