Tory turncoat clashes with former colleagues.

(Photo: Eastleigh News.)

Tory turncoat Stephen West came face-to-face with former colleagues at the weekend.

tbg. has received an exclusive photo of the UKIP PCC Candidate for Hampshire who was spotted out campaigning in Eastleigh where he bumped into Chris Huhne’s former opponent in 2010, Maria Hutchings.

West has based his campaign on six pledges in Hampshire around for no reduction in numbers of front line police, no real terms increase in your Council Tax police contribution, zero tolerance on anti-social behaviour, a pledge to reduce overall crime levels, a pledge to support victims of crime and a pledge to support a campaign to tear down speed cameras.

tbg. it all sounds like something that we've all heard before.

In other news former Lib Dem Cabinet Minister Huhne is facing trial on charges on Perverting the Course of Justice this week should a last ditch attempt to have the case dismissed fail today. Huhne is back in court tomorrow at 10am.

tbg. also heard something interesting in a local Manchester pub close to conference hall this evening where tbg. have set up camp. There were a group of Labour supporters laying down some catchy lyrics over Pina-Colada:

"He's a gonk, He's a wonk, He's only ever had one bonk and his name is Milibaaaand!"

"He's a geek, He's weak, His office is full of leaks and his name is Milibaaaand!"

With friends like these...