Tory MP exposes overseas aid going to Argentina.

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There’s uproar at news that some of Britain’s money that is pumped into the World Bank is going to Argentina.

The issue was exposed by Tory Eurosceptic Henry Smith. Who today exclusively told tbg.:

"Despite repeated attacks on the UK and the right of Falkland Islanders to remain British, Argentina receives substantial loans from the World Bank, an organisation in which the UK is a major shareholder."

"The Government has told Parliament that, as of March 2012, total outstanding loans to Argentina from the World Bank were $16.2 billion."

"That means our share of the outstanding loans is over £200 million, based on our shareholding in the two World Bank institutions lending to the country."

"In the House of Commons I will be calling on the Government to use our vote to oppose these loans as the US has."

PDF info: taxpayersalliance.com