Tories set to target 10 Lib Dems seats in 2015.

Nick Clegg better watch his back.

tbg. has this morning learnt that the new Conservative Chairman Grant Shapps is set to target at least TEN Lib Dems seats with immediate effect in time for the next election.

More on that in a minute.

Top of the list is Chris Huhne's Eastleigh where 2010 Conservative Candidate Maria Hutchings was hard at work last weekend along with leading Tory executives Jim Fleming and Steve Bell.

And down the road in Portsmouth South fellow 2010 candidate Flick Drummond has been hard at work too with a new leaflet to coincide with the party conference season and a tour of local schools and charity shops.

tbg. thinks that its highly unlikely that Mike Hancock will stand in 2015 for health reasons.

tbg. reporter Geoff Brooking says all the smart money is on Gerald Vernon Jackson standing in Portsmouth South in 2015 which will make the seat a lot closer than many critics think.

Follow up: Lib Dem Seats Most at Risk in 2015.