The hypocrisy of Miliband.

Remember Red Ed's talk of One Nationism and his attack on the banks?

Well, this proves the hypocrisy of Ed Miliband.

All week our Red Ed has been ducking questions asking if he and his wife are millionaires.

Well, tbg. can confirm today that they well and truly are!

Documents from the Land Registry and seen by tbg. show that the house that Red Ed shares with and in the name of his wife is worth a cool £2.3 million.

That's £700,000 more than they paid for it and even taking into account a £400,000 mortgage comfortably makes him Ed Millionaire.

What's more, the £400,000 is borrowed from the same banks (Barclays) who's former boss (Bob Diamond) he vigorously attacked.

Quote from Miliband at the Nigel Doughty memorial service.

"He had these amazing qualities."

"He was BOTH Humble, High Achieving, and Always larger than life!"

Doesn't BOTH mean TWO and not THREE?

Maybe he should scrub up on his maths?