Swann silenced before Parliament Street debate.

Alexandra Swanns' anticipated return to Tory Conference has taken a turn this evening as the former Conservative Future Executive member turn UKIPper says her speaker pass has been blocked.

Essentially tbg. interprets this as the Tory machine putting metaphorical duct tape around the mouth of the UKIP member.

Swann was due to lead the debate on why UKIP is a treat to the Tories at the centre-right think tank Parliament Streets' breakfast debate at the Hyatt Hotel on Monday in Birmingham.

Fierce rival publication London Spin has reported that leaked emails reveal that a free buffet including bacon, egg and sausage butties will be available at the event.

tbg. thinks Swann should be allowed to speak.

+UPDATE+ 21:11 - Legend CF'er Patrick Sullivan has come to Parliament Streets' breakfast debate rescue this evening by announcing that Tory Bear Harry Cole will now be on the panel at the debate on Monday. Tory Bear has not been seen at all in years. Fact.