Skinhead admits kung-fu kicking Tory MP.

(Photo: peterboroughtoday.co.uk)

A Latvian skinhead had admitted kung-fu kicking Tory MP Stewart Jackson when the MP tried to carry out a citizens arrest after witnessing the yob vandalising a bus stop.

The crazed brute threw a can of Stella at a bus stop causing the glass to shatter inflicting injuries to an innocent by-stander, it was then the brave MP for Peterborough took a stand and attempted to make a citizens arrest. The drunken yob got angry and violent, Stewart decided to stay back but the thug launched a kung-fu kick at the Tory MP in his side in front of his frightened wife Sarah.

The skinhead has pleaded guilty at Peterborough Magistrates Court and is due to be sentenced on October 23rd, he has been told he may face jail.