Post Iraq war birth defects.

Iraq has recorded a huge rise in birth defects since the war began in 2003.

A recent study focused on the city of Fallujah where some of the heaviest fighting took place. Fallujah was the scene of two enormous and grossly destructive USA/UK coalition assaults in 2004.

A few years later doctors began to notice a rise in birth defects and miscarriage. They were so concerned they asked the United Nations to investigate the problem in 2009.

The letter sent by the doctors said - "In September 2009, (the hospital) had 170 newborn babies, 24% of whom were dead within the first seven days (and) a staggering 75% of the dead babies were classified as deformed. In August 2002, before the invasion, 530 babies were born; six of them died within the first week, with a single birth defect reported."

The latest study in Fallujah found that more than half of all babies were born with a birth defect between 2007 and 2010. Before the war this figure was 1 in 10. Before 2000 it was fewer than 2% of babies born with defects.

Forty-five per cent of pregnancies ended in miscarriage between 2004 - 2006, up from only 10% before the bombing. Between 2007 and 2010, one in six of all pregnancies ended in miscarriage.

The USA/UK Coalition denies that it used depleted uranium during the attack on Fallujah but did say they used white phosphorous. Metallic poisoning is also a concern as such heavy bombardment may have poisoned the people the Fallujah causing damage to sperm and genes.

tbg. believes this is a shameful legacy, unfortunately for us all.

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