PM threatens to use veto but will it be enough for Tory Euro-sceptics?

David Cameron has today tried to win over Euro sceptics in his own party by saying that he may well use his EU veto again.

It’s understood that the Prime Minister favours a splitting of EU Budgets.

There would be one budget for countries inside the Euro zone and another one for those outside the Euro zone.

A total of four groups within the Conservative Party are said to be putting pressure on David Cameron to repatriate powers from the EU in as many as twenty different areas.

They are the No Turning Back Group, the 92 Group of Conservative MP's, the Cornerstone Group and a newly founded group called Fresh Start.

Former East Midlands Euro MP Chris Heaton Harris says that "It has been obvious for ages that the Eurozone is heading down a different road to the one the British people would like to take."

"It is good that the Foreign Office has finally noticed what is going on and is working out how much Europe has entangled itself in the Governance of our country."

"We then need a plan that gives voters a chance to have a say in how much we should disentangle ourselves."

tbg. has been sounded out this morning that despite Dave choosing to follow Bo Jo on Twitter yesterday, treat him to a pub lunch near Chequers last Sunday, and get old pal Gary Streeter to tell the press that he should concentrate on his day job, Boris still has every intention of being PM "when the time is right."

Boris has made a number of central interventions since upstaging Dave at London 2012 on tax, Europe and Airport Expansion and there's no sign of Bo Jo letting up this week too.

Rumour has it that all the run-up to Dave's big speech on Wednesday could easily get drowned out by press coverage of Boris' soundings on Tuesday.

Its called Boris Mania!