One Nation Balls.

I couldn't help raising a grin yesterday at Red Ed Balls face as Red Ed Miliband went on about how proud he is of his comprehensive education.

People should never fall for such patronising nonsense.

People need look no further than Red Ed Balls for a typical example of what hypocrites the Labour Party are when it comes to education.

Ed has been tying himself in all sorts of knots this week and I'm not just referring to the story about his Nazi Uniform.

For its emerged that Balls has this week also been trying to justify his own private education.

For its emerged that Mr Balls himself went to the private Nottingham High School.

All well and good you might think.

Except that at the time of Balls education there not only was his father an active Labour Party member but he was also an active campaigner for the scrapping of grammar schools at the time too.

Once a bunch of hypocrites - always a bunch of hypocrites.