John Redwood enters EU row too.

Former Conservative Leadership Candidate John Redwood is the latest figure to enter the EU Row tonight tbg. can reveal.

Mr. Redwood told a fringe meeting organised by the Bruges Group that fellow euro sceptics need to "build bridges together" after tbg. said earlier this week that no less than four separate fringe groups in the Conservative Party are now fighting the cause.

Mr Redwood said he did not forsee a Referendum in the current Parliament and that people who want a straight in or out vote need to accept "political reality."

If we want to look at the political reality it is that there will probably be a "Yes" (in) vote, one suspects with significantly reduced participation by the UK as the Prime Minister said he would campaign for. And where would a "Yes" (In) vote leave UKIP? Dead in the water as a political party you say? Well, now we're thinking politically.

Redwoods' speech comes on the night when news broke that a deal is believed to have been reached between David Cameron and Alex Salmond as regards a referendum on Scottish Independence.