Mitchell says 'I didn't' swear.

Andrew Mitchell was being berated by Ed Miliband during PMQ's when he said that Mitchell swore at police officers.

According to tbg. sources we can confirm that Mitchell immediately denied that allegation and yelled at the leader of the opposition - "I didn't" before a packed chamber.

Mitchell has already admitted that he swore at police officers but also claimed he had not said the words "attributed to him" by the officers involved. Today he says he did not swear.

It is likely Andrew Mitchell is in a state of paranoia and seemed to take the fact Miliband said he swore, as he said the word 'pleb'. Who knows though? tbg. thinks this is a right mess and Andrew Mitchel is clearly lying and has been lying since the plebgate saga began.

Miliband was of course correct when he quoted Boris saying people who swear at the police should be arrested and also saying - "While it's a night in the cell for the yobs, it is a night in the Carlton Club for the Chief Whip. Clear case of double standards."

The improper character that is Andrew Mitchell must go now.