Miliband verdict.

Ed Miliband has completed his speech today in Manchester and sensationally tried to paint his Labour Party as a Disraeli-like One Nation Tory movement applied with left-wing mantra.

Sounding like Red Ed Jong-Il Miliband when he bashed Camerons' Tories for their wealth and mocked their private education even at one point claiming the Prime Minister gave himself and the cabinet a tax cut, Miliband did do well to praise his own comprehensive education and immigrant parents. He was assured and came across sincere mostly, tbg. even thinks he's a little comical (in a good way!).

If Miliband does want a One Nation outlook he must stop persecuting individuals and groups for their lifestyles or bank account levels. It is very uncomfortable viewing.

Labour will be uplifted by this and the One Nation thing may just catch on. It'll be a right pain in the arse for Cameron now Miliband has defined his leadership, even if it does sound a bit North Korea-esq with his One Nation banking system etc.