Maybe Scottish independence isn't such a bad thing after all.

With a deal setting out terms for a Scottish Independence Referendum now signed by Prime Minister David Cameron and First Minister Alex Salmond perhaps you might be interested in this thought.

If Scotland were to vote for Independence in the Autumn of 2014, should the 59 M.P's of Scotland be allowed to take part in the U.K's General Election in May 2015?

I know what I think but here's a closer look at the statistics.

Currently the 59 Scottish MPs are made up of 41 Labour, 11 Lib Dems, 6 SNP Members and 1 solitary Conservative.

Based on the 2010 General Election Results if these 59 MPs were not taken into account then Parliament would look like this:

Conservatives 306
Labour 217
Liberal Democrats 46
Others 22

This would give the Conservatives a Parliamentary majority of their own of 21 which is almost identical to the result of the full UK General Election in 1992.

Maybe Scottish Independence isn't such a bad thing after all?