May wants to dump 'defunct' EU treaty measures.

Hot on the heels on tbg. highlighting the growing hostility to the EU from Tory MPs Theresa May has today announced plans to exercise Britain's right to opt out of 130 EU measures on Law and Order.

The Home Secretary said discussions were ongoing as to what these measures would be.

May said: "It is the national interest that the government has taken this decision.

"The Government is clear that we do not need to remain bound by all of the pre-Lisbon measures.

"Operation shows that some pre-Lisbon measures are useful, some less so and some are now entirely defunct."

Surrey Tory MP Dominic Raab said the announcement showed that the government wanted "focused cooperation but not the blind loss of democratic control".

Fellow Conservative Michael Ellis congratulated Theresa May for "protecting the sovereignty of this country".

However, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage accused the Home Secretary behaving like "the modern day Grand Old Duke of York" and has tonight said - "I suspect nothing of substance will actually be achieved."