Handbags! Howlett and Copley tussle.

Conservative Future Chairman Ben Howlett has been ruffling some pink and red feathers and has been lambasted on Pink News by Labour London Assembly member Tom Copley.

Howlett laid it on a plate over at Pink News earlier today when he wonderfully claimed the Conservatives were now the Party of the LGBT community. In the blog on Pink News Howlett also sensationally reveals he was straight when he attended his first Tory Party conference.

Howlett told Pink News readers - "This will be the government that introduces civil gay marriage by 2015. Contrary to the left and many Labour MPs that doubt the prime minister’s conviction in passing this Act of Parliament, I am pleased to see his reiteration that there will be no change to the time-frame set in the coalition agreement."

Howlett surged on with a ferocious attack on Labour politics of hate - "The question the electorate is asking is this, why aren’t Labour uniting with this government in supporting marriage equality as it goes through parliament? The clear answer is that they have not changed. Labour believe that they can pitch minority group against minority group as Ken Livingstone did in London".

Labour Assembly member Tom Copley felt it necessary to respond saying Howletts' article "is a work of swaggering inaccuracy". It was of course easy for Copley to go through the same old slaggings Tories get off lefty's over Section 28 etc - even saying David Cameron put out leaflets in support of Section 28 during his unsuccessful election campaign in 2001.

Copley then tried to be the bigger man - "I believe that David Cameron deserves credit for pursuing equal marriage in the face of stiff opposition from sections of his own party. Ben Howlett ought to give Labour credit too for the phenomenal transformation in gay rights under the last government from which both he and I have benefited enormously."