Gove hits back at 'One Nation' Labour bullies.

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Just hours before delegates start arriving in Birmingham for Conservative Party Conference Michael Gove has hit back at Labours' version of the One Nation vision and come to the rescue of a schoolgirl who was boo'd at Labour Party Conference because she said she went to an Academy school.

It is reported that the girl is an immigrant who sought political asylum in the UK to better herself and have a brighter future, she is about to read Law at university.

When the intelligent girl mentioned at Labour Conference that she went to an Academy the One Nation Labour delegates boo'd her. Michael Gove has attacked the Labourites who boo'd the bright girl saying:

"Heckling a schoolgirl because she goes to an academy is disgraceful. But it also shows the real face of Labour – a party where aspiration and achievement gets booed. Stephen Twigg needs to condemn this and the culprit must be expelled from the party. This pupil is a credit to her school and proof that we need to expand the Academies programme."

So Labour's persecution toward sections of British society continues, tbg. thinks they have stolen the mantle of the 'Nasty Party' this week too.