Fox wants to turn Right.

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Former Defence Secretary Dr. Liam Fox has this evening broke cover for the first time since his resignation.

He's calling on both David Cameron and George Osborne to use next week's Conservative Conference to re-connect with what he calls 'traditional Tory values'.

Fox says: "...Much of the public does not seem to fully realise the country’s plight. This is not the sort of cyclical correction we have seen in previous decades; it is a structural correction, a shift in global economic power that will take at least a decade to work through."

It follows news on tbg. recently that as many as 15% of 2010 Tory supporters are already now supporting UKIP.

You can follow Liam Fox on Twitter: @LiamFoxMP

UPDATE - Fox is due to make a speech at Conservative Conference on Tuesday calling for the scrapping of public funding for trades unions.