EXCLUSIVE: Time running out for Andrew Mitchell.

Since tbg. exclusively reported the news that Andrew Mitchell was on the brink of resigning there has been an avalanche of bets on him going with bookies William Hill.

So much so that the odds on him going by the end of the month have literally crashed from 4/1 against to 5/6 on.

Don't be surprised if betting is suspended shortly.

tbg. thinks the bet is almost as good as buying money, or as good as having a bet on Eric Pickles eating salad.

Ladbrokes laid odds on him being spotted eating a salad in Birmingham and what happened on Tuesday night? He was only photographed eating one.

When you consider that some are going to do their bollocks if Romney wins tbg. thinks that it may not be a good month or so being a bookie

+UPDATE+ 21:22 A Tory MP has tonight told the Evening Standard:

"He should have been fired straight away and Lord alone knows why the PM let him stay on. It was not only a political disaster for us but we now have a Chief Whip who has no authority at all. How can he give a dressing down to an MP who has broken ranks? The MP would just say, ‘Ok, but look what you did’."

Follow Up - Maude Tipped to be New Tory Chief Whip.