EU Referendum "Inevitable".

The vast majority of 153 MPs surveyed by ComRes believe that there will be a referendum on the EU at some point.

57% say that it will be between 2015 and 2020.

Overall, only 25% could not forsee a time when a poll could take place.

This includes 44% of Labour MPs questioned, 20% of Lib Dems, and only 10% of Tory MPs.

The findings were welcomed by Tim Akar who is the campaign manager of the Get Britain Out Campaign and come hot on the heels of news that a new wave of Tory MPs including a number of PPS's also favour a vote.

Last night Mr. Akar told tbg. that he thinks that - "MP's have finally woken up to the strength of support for an EU Referendum."

New Justice Secretary and Epsom MP Chris Grayling is also backing calls to have a "clear and deliverable plan" to stop Europe meddling in British affairs.

Mr Grayling was out on the campaign trail at Epsom Station last night with Surrey PCC Candidate Julie Iles and told tbg. that the plan "will require us to look again at how Britain relates to the Eurozone and the EU."