EDL leader admits they're 'going nowhere'.

English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson has sensationally admitted to a fellow supporter that the protest group is going nowhere. A move that may damage morale of EDL members who believe they are justifiably & importantly raising issues of what they call the "Islamification" of Britain.

The Twitter exchange came about when Robinson announced he has resigned from the British Freedom Party because of his dedication to the EDL.

The admission came on Twitter when a supporter wrote - "@EDLTrobinson I have nothing but respect for you but the EDL are going nowhere, Demonstrations are doing nothing, its all about the politics".

Robinson replied - "I agree. But for me to stand in politics it could only be under the banner EDL. As I said It wasn't for me."

(Photo: source)

It sounds like we could expect to see EDL candidates standing in an election near you soon.