Ed's 'One Nation' railways.

Rumours are rife tonight that Ed Miliband is starting to get very serious about the idea of re-nationalising the railways as reported by tbg. in July.

Ed has said that following the Government's mix up over the awarding of the West Coast Main Line contract he is open to considering taking the railways back into public ownership.

Surely it would have been logical that if one was going to make such a major policy change you would at least use the conference floor in Manchester to do it. It's a very soviet like response - If a government can't handle the tender of a contract correctly how on earth can they run the nations' railways correctly?

Ed Miliband seems to be drawing the ideological lines in the sand.

tbg. reporter Geoff Brooking contacted his office to see if there was any truth in the story and Miliband released this statement:

"I'm open to all kinds of solutions on the railways but at the moment we've got to sort out the absolute fiasco of the West Coast Main Line franchise."

"I think David Cameron has got to get a grip on this."

"Hundreds of millions of pounds possibly of tax payers money wasted because the Government can't organise something as straightforward as a train franchise."

Miliband seems to be playing two games. First, he's jumping on another bandwagon for politics sake and second, he's trying to appease the RMT who have just been welcomed back into the Labour fold along with union bully and millionaire council house tenant Bob Crow.

And if that's not another example of yet another move further to the left then nothing will be.