Daily tracker.

Labour's lead over the Conservatives is up to an astonishing 14 points this morning according to YouGov.

Labour 45%, Conservative 31%, Liberal Democrats 10%, UKIP 7%.

Government Approval -34

Majority Conservative Government 30%
Conservative/Lib Dem Coalition 6%
Lib Dem/Labour Coalition 13%
Majority Labour Government. 31%
Don't Know 20%

Even though Ed Miliband's Labour lead is up to 14 points, when the public is asked who the public want in an outright government the lead falls to just 1%.

The Labour Lead is Labour's biggest since June and Labour's highest poll rating since September 18th.

A separate poll by You Gov for The Sun taken AFTER Red Ed's speech shows that 31% now think he COULD do the top job whilst 47% say they don't think he could hack it.

However, only 19% think Red Ed would make a strong leader.

David Cameron stills leads on Best PM but only 31% to 27%.