Daily tracker.

Survation for Mail on Sunday give Labour a 13 point lead.

Labour 43%
Conservatives 30%
Liberal Democrats 8%
UKIP 12%

52% of those questioned say that Andrew Mitchell should stand down as an MP.

33% say he should stay on as an MP.

One in four who voted Conservative in 2010 say the conduct of Mitchell makes them less likely to vote for the Conservatives next time.

Almost one in two say David Cameron handled the issue badly.

47% say the Conservatives have not ditched their 'Nasty Party' image as opposed to 32% who say they have.

56% say David Cameron is arrogant.

59% say George Osborne is arrogant.

45% say Ed Miliband is arrogant.

51% want Britain to leave the E.U.

34% want Britain to stay in the E.U.

Survation interviewed 1,002 people online on the evening of Friday October 19th and on the morning of Saturday 20th October.