Daily tracker.

Labour 43%
Conservatives 34%
Liberal Democrats 9%

Government App -37

Seperate Poll by Com Res for the Independent is far worse for Red Ed.

Labour 38% Conservatives 35% Liberal Democrats 15% Other Parties 12%

These figures would give Labour a majority of 24 at a General Election fought on the existing boundaries.

However, only 22% of people believe Mr Miliband has what it takes to be a good Prime Minister, while 63% do not.

Even Labour supporters are split down the middle about his ability to lead the nation with some 44% thinking that he has what it takes whilst 42% do not.

Although 52% do not believe Mr Cameron has what it takes to be a good Premier 39% do.

Amongst Conservative voters 81% agree that Mr Cameron "has what it takes".

Labour appears to have made little progress on gaining trust for economic competence this year too.

Only 24% say they trust Mr Miliband and the Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, to make the right decisions on the economy, while 64% do not.

Amongst Labour voters 50% trust the party's top two figures to make the right economic decisions while 40% do not.

30% of people trust Mr Cameron and the Chancellor, George Osborne, to make the right calls on the economy while 62% do not.

Amongst Conservative voters 70% trust Mr Cameron and George Osborne and just 22% do not.