Corby Tory poll reveals Labour 22 point lead.

A poll commissioned by Conservative Campaign HQ financial backer Lord Ashcroft has revealed that the Conservative Party must overturn a 22 point Labour lead to retain the constituency seat of Corby.

Labour 54%
Conservatives 32%

It has now been suggested by some sources that CCHQ will not be piling money into Corby but waiting for campaign when they think it seems more likely that they'll win.

The poll in Corby did show what other polls have shown here on tbg. in the past few weeks - that Cameron and Osborne are still trusted more on the economy than the two Red Ed's on the opposite benches.

Tory candidate Christine Emmett will need every volunteer available to overcome a 22 point Labour lead and lack of CCHQ cash.

It is also a by-election that could enable the Prime Minister & government to get their sound message across and have a real scrap with the opposition and positively promote aspiration while rejecting Labour's very divisive yet damaging & sticky attacks.

It seems as if CCHQ are going to skip all that and not even bother. Are they waiting for a miracle?