CFCA on hunt for an Honorary President.

Conservative Friends of Central Asia is a project by Thomas Kinsgston set to strengthen ties with Central Asia and create awareness of culture and politics.

The President of the group Thomas Kingston exclusively spoke to tbg. outlining their plans and vision - "Our purpose is to encourage cooperation between the UK and the Central Asian states. We also aim to increase knowledge of central Asian cultures, history and politics amongst our members.

"Our direction is tied in with this, our short term aims are to increase awareness of our organisation, co-operate with embassies and members of the Conservative party.

"Ideologically we are a broad church with three core principles: right to self determination, democracy and the promotion of market economics

"We're very lucky to have some highly educated individuals with specialisation in the region as well as many members with a passion for our aims. We are currently looking for a honorary chairman ideally someone of political or diplomatic ranking."

You can visit CFCA's Facebook page here and their website here.