Cameron's new JSA sanctions set to come into force.

David Cameron promised to be tough and fair and as of a week on Monday his words turn into action.

tbg. has today just been passed details of what are "Important changes" to Jobseeker's allowance Sanctions from Monday 22 October 2012.

From that date if any claimants do not meet the conditions they are asked to, without good reason, they could be disqualified from claiming the benefit for either 13, 26 or 156 weeks.

A breaking of conditions includes anything from failing to attend an adviser interview, failing to take part in an employment programme, not taking up a place on an employment programme, refusing to accept a place on an employment programme, or failing to comply with a Jobseeker's Direction.

Its understood that it will be based on a three strikes and you are out scheme within a single year.

For example, if they break the agreements once within a year they get a 13 week ban, twice a 26 week ban, and three times within a year would mean a three year 156 week ban.

tbg. thinks this is far better than Labour's something for nothing culture.