Cameron under growing pressure to veto EU budget.

Prime Minister David Cameron is under intense pressure to veto the EU Budget this morning.

At least four Tory MPs have already spoken out. Mark Reckless and Mark Pritchard are insisting that the budget rises are kept below inflation.

Former Tory Leadership challenger John Redwood and right winger Bill Cash are also backing the move.

Mark Pritchard told tbg. - "At a time of fiscal restraint for families throughout the EU it is unacceptable that there should be any increase in the EU Budget at all." Even Ed Balls and Ed Miliband are also calling for a cut but this was earlier dismissed as a gimmick by Europe Minister David Lidington who said that "Labour have zero credibility" on the issue.

Downing Street have just issued a statement saying that - "There simply is no case for a real terms increase."

tbg. thinks that action will speak louder than words!

The news comes on the same day as former Prime Minister Tony Blair calls for the EU to have an elected President and Peterborough MP and tbg. regular Stewart Jackson calls for migrant workers to be barred from entering Britain if they have criminal records.