Cameron to call for EU referendum.

Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to announce that the 2015 Tory manifesto will include a pledge on a referendum on Britain's relationship with the European Union.

Cameron told MP's last night he would campaign to stay in the EU but wasn't happy with the the current membership deal:

"I think what the vast majority of this country wants is a new settlement with Europe and then that settlement being put to fresh consent.

"That’s what will be going in our manifesto and I think it will get a ringing endorsement from the British people."

tbg. sources close to the Prime Minister insist this will be officially announced around new year time in December/January and that it will be a choice between being IN the EU with significant repatriation of powers to Westminster, or completely OUT.

Cameron has been speaking of the new world much recently with a seeming realisation of fact that our chums across the English Channel just ain't cutting it anymore.