Cameron says Iran is a threat to the world.

Prime Minister David Cameron has told a Jewish event in London that Iran is a threat to world peace stating that "we" shouldn't have to live in a world with a nuclear armed Iran.

Cameron said that military action wasn't yet necessary and he has plans afoot for even tougher sanctions if Iran do not comply.

The Prime Minister said - "Iran is not just a threat to Israel. It is a threat to the world. (Some say) ...We have to learn to live with a nuclear armed Iran. I say we don’t and we shouldn't."

"A negotiated settlement remains within Iran’s grasp for now. But until they change course, we have a strategy of ever tougher sanctions."

The Prime Minister insists the Iranian regime is suffering as a consequence of the sanctions and hostile public opinion.

"The Iranian regime is under unprecedented pressure and faces an acute dilemma. They are leading their people to global isolation and an economic collapse. And they know it." - said Prime Minister Cameron.