Cameron 'aware' of EU referendum support.

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Hot on the heels of former Cabinet Minister's John Redwood and Liam Fox entering the EU Row Cameron has apparently told the BBC that he is becoming - "Increasingly aware of burgeoning support for the referendum campaign."

Certainly Mr. Prime Minister when 15% of people who voted Tory at the last election have since switched allegiance to UKIP.

Tory backbencher John Baron told tbg. this morning that on the eve of the Prime Minister's most crucial speech yet he thinks that David Cameron is finally "moving in our direction."

However, unlike Liam Fox and John Redwood, Mr Baron is concerned that Cameron seems to be ruling out an in or out question.

UKIP's Gerard Batten MEP said that - "Cameron is trying to con the electorate."

tbg. thinks that whatever the questioning for the referendum may be, the Conservatives need to stop kicking the issue into the long grass and get on with addressing it.